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Benefits of Sheds for Storage & Garden.

Before I purchased my shed I researched contractors, kit sheds, metal sheds, and the kind already built and delivered and set exactly where you want it. What I discovered is that prebuilt, mobile, wood sheds and barns have many benefits, but if you're in a hurry to buy or rent a pre-built, wood shed now, and don't want to read about benefits, then check out the site at sheds.

So what are the benefits of a prefabricated, wood shed built by humans, not machines? Sheds constructed of wood are pleasing to the eye. They just look good, and compared to a metal or tin shed--well, there just is no comparison. And wood constructed sheds fit in anywhere. Moreover, quality control of a hand made prefab shed is superior to sheds build by machines. 

Wood construction is also much more durable than tin sheds, or kit built sheds. Snow won't cave in the roof or sidewalls; it won't rust;  hail won't ding it up, and wind won't blow it over--bending your shed into something that looks like you got it from your local dump.

And lets not forget kids and dogs. Several years ago, before I converted, my nephew slammed into my metal shed chasing a ball. It was never the same again. Wood sheds are just more durable and last longer.

Portable, wood sheds are, well--moveable. Take it anywhere without fear of structural damage. Mobile, modular, moveable--what ever you want to call them--like a good dog, portable sheds go where you go.

Unlike tin sheds, wood-built sheds don't get super hot in the summer and freezing cold in the winter. Moreover, metal sheds sweat and can drip moisture onto whatever it is suppose to protect. Inside a wood shed, the sound of rain is tranquil, but in a metal shed--nerve racking.

In addition, wood sheds are pre-assembled and finished. By contrast, kit sheds and metal sheds have to be assembled. You have to pick it up, or lug the material from the end of your drive (where they dump it) to where you're going to construct your shed-in-a-box. Then there's the tools and paint to purchase. And most kit sheds don't come with a floor, shingles, tar paper, nails, paint or those pretty windows with cute shutters like in the picture--that's usually an expensive option. Flooring for metal sheds is also an added expense.

With a wood shed, what you see is what you get. You pick one out at the shed lot, and a week or so later it's delivered and set just where you want it. There's no waiting, no hassle, no haggling. Trucks, voices, and banging hammers won't wake you up at 5 A.M. for days or weeks.

We had a similar experience with a man for taking days to re-roof a small section under our bedroom window. The job should have taken five or six hours, but for days he woke us both up between five and six every morning. He would work an hour or so and then leave. He never completed the job.

And lets not forget the nails, junk and other stuff left behind by contractors; a trampled lawn for twenty feet around the building and tire marks from three or four workers driving in and out. No thanks.

Because quality-built, wood sheds last long and don't fall apart, they are economical to own. In buying a prebuilt, portable, wood shed you get a lot of bang for your buck. And renting-to-own a shed is a no credit check, low down, low monthly payment option.

One last thing--liability. If a worker gets hurt doing his job; or gets bit by your dog; or you ran over his foot or his tools backing out of the drive--you could get sued. Buying a wood shed that is already built and then delivered relieves you of such high liability over days or possibly weeks during construction.

Where To Buy A Wood Shed.

Shed--TN., IL., MO.

Well that about sums it up, and I thank you for reading about wood-built sheds. I bought my storage shed in Dickson TN.--a short ride from Clarksville, Columbia, Spring Hill, Nashville, Franklin, Brentwood, Spring Hill and surrounding suburbs. They also have locations in Memphis, TN., Alton, IL., St. Louis, MO., Southaven, MS., and 13 other states as well as online shed shopping. If you're interested in speaking to a knowledgeable, no-pressure salesman about buying or renting-to-own a quality shed call Bry (now in Clarksville) at 931-237-5765; 931.249.7081, or just click to their site sheds.

One more thing, the sales manager also handcrafts beautiful, big Adirondack chairs and furniture. I purchased several of these fabulous gems. I also bought some great barbeque smoke wood there. So if in need, go here for a Signature Chair.